Here you can read about our BR case.


The purpose of the collaboration is to take a community of values ​​between BR and Vores Børn in relation to getting more play into everyday life and that the children learn through play. We call the collaboration 'Let the Doctor Go Free'. The collaboration must help to create awareness for BR as a brand through Vores Børn's channels. Everything produced by Egmont Content Marketing for BR is intended to create a playful and imaginative universe.


We create an inspiring universe for Vores Børn's readers through postings in Vores Børn, SoMe videos, and mini-magazines, where we focus on the good stories. Experts comment on children's development and learning and create an exciting universe with play as the focal point.


The collaboration has resulted in BR now using the content Egmont Content marketing produces for BR to brand itself through Egmont's and its own channels. Among other things, BR uses the mini-magazine for branding on its own website and inspires BR's customers in the shops, where the publications can be found for free at the checkouts.

​Content elements

  • Vores Børn in Instagram and Facebook

  • Loading Client Publishing booklet in Vores Børn Foil. "Birthday and summer in Denmark".

  • Print advertorials Vores Børn

  • Digital advertorials