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When men meet, personal grooming is not a natural topic of conversation. Grooming is a personal thing for men, but is also an area where they would like to be guided - especially by experts. And men want to be confirmed in that they are buying the right equipment and products.

Many men have shaved in the same way since they started shaving and have not kept up with developments.


Inspire the Danish men to better shaving habits. They must press “Ctr. Alt. Delete” and start their shaving habits all over again, where they think much more in nurturing, playful, varied and modern habits. Men need to increase greater mindfulness and awareness around their shaving and beard care.

And via this communication create a greater awareness of Gillette’s products and give Gillette a more contemporary brand perception. 


Young Danish men look for trustful experts for advice.  Therefore, we created a collaboration between Euroman, musician Tobias Rahim and Gillette in an 360 degree campaign across Euroman magazine, SoMe and homepage as well as Tobias Rahim’s Instagram.

Tobias Rahim and Euroman invited the Danish men to have a sneak peek into Tobias’ bathroom and shaving session. But invited them also into Tobias’ mind sharing his thoughts and feelings around shaving, grooming and not least vanity and appearance.


Case Gillette