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Our influencer department is here to help companies that want to work professionally with influencer marketing. We strive to create creative and commercial solutions that meet the customer's needs. With us, companies can integrate their communication across several media and channels, with influencer marketing as the focus point. We strive to create the right match between company and influencer, based on the goals that are set and defined in dialogue with the individual company. Our way of working comes from three basic elements:

Look and Feel


The personal storytelling

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We believe in

We believe that the personal narrative paves the way for effective communication, and that companies that invest in influencer marketing can create invaluable commitment and credibility around their brand through a trusted voice. Therefore, it is also essential that the company can see its brand being communicated through the influencer's channel with the tone and style that the influencer's universe radiates through sound and images - we call this aspect "look and feel."
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The purpose of establishing the influencer marketing agency was to create a specialist unit with high professionalism and where the focus is to work professionally and strategically with influencer marketing. The agency relies on experience from 30 years of model management and an even longer experience of telling stories that evoke the right feelings in the recipient. This gives us a unique opportunity to create 360-degree solutions across multiple media. As part of Story House Egmont, we can create additional value for our customers in close collaboration with the house's other experts in print, digital, content marketing, creative, etc. As part of Story House Egmont, Unique Social has become part of a large Content Powerhouse, that works with storytelling and content creation without being bound by form or format and with many strong media brands behind it.
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We handle the entire influencer marketing process from A-Z, and we make sure that this process is streamlined. That is why we work with everything from insights, objectives, search and select, concept development, execution, ongoing optimization, and evaluation to the preparation of content for our customers' own digital platforms. Everything takes place in close dialogue with the customer.

To us, influencer marketing is not a quick fix. We believe that the right match between an influencer and a brand can form the basis of a long-term partnership, where the parties involved exchange ideas, competencies, and values with the aim of creating a credible and effective communication.

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