Polite load og servercall

Display adds

If a heavier weight than 120 KB is desired, the banner must be made with polite load (max. 1 MB). I.e. the extra weight must only be loaded on the browser event window.onload. window.onload must ONLY be used in iframe banners. The first load is often called the initial load, while polite load can also be called subsequent load.

Server calls
The number of server calls from a banner must be limited to 15 calls on initial load and a maximum 10 additional calls for polite loads in order to not unnecessarily slow down the site performance. It is recommended to place as much content as possible directly in the banner code - and not in additional files that have to be downloaded first. In order to minimise the number of server calls, all external graphic should be sprite associated and optimised.

Data collection
Note whether the media has established regulations for data collection in connection with the delivery of advertising. It is recommended that the advertiser or agency, prior to campaign start, notifies the media of the third parties called in connection with delivering the advertising. The purpose is to be able to comply with statutory requirements requiring the consent of users, including information about all legal persons who have access to data and the purpose of this.

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