Streaming specifications


Streaming specifications

The following specifications apply to streaming in banners:


Streaming must not auto-initiate, but only after user interaction - either via clicking or mouseover.

If streaming is activated by mouseover, it must stop again when the mouse is moved away from the banner

The streaming must feature a start, stop and mute button

Download/playing must not commence until 1 second after clicking/mouseover. This also applies to any audio and expand.

If it is not possible to detect the user’s bandwidth, the user should be given the option of selecting the streaming quality.

A visual download status indicator must be added if the streaming does not commence until after download has completed

Video in banners must not exceed max. 500 kb when loading the banner and must run for max. 45 seconds without any type of user interaction. After this, it may stream up to 2 MB extra after user click/mouseover


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