Here you can read about our Starbucks case.


Egmont Social People has entered into an annual agreement with Starbucks, where the task is to create engaging and relevant content that supports the planned campaigns over 12 months.


For the June campaign, the focus was on creating awareness of Starbucks iced coffee.

Through six micro-influencers and Ambassador collaboration with Stephanie and Kasper Fisker, Unique Social created the concept and developed campaign content.

Campaign KPIs (expected)

Followers: 66,442

CPM: 206

Expected Impressions: 96.652

Expected Reach: 81,470

Expected Engagements: 6,668

Results (achieved)

6 IG posts

16 stories

Total impressions: 119,247

Total reach: 104,869

Commitments: 6,623

Impressions rate: 36.63%

Engagement rate: 5.55%

Reach rate: 55.01%