Content Creation


In connection with the 50th anniversary of the iconic Ford Mustang GT Fastback (Bullit), Ford has recreated the car in a 2019 version.

In this campaign, Ford wants to pay tribute to the legacy of the legendary car while at the same time showing off the new 2019 version. - 


Our creative take on the task was an advertising series based on the film Bullit from 1968. Here we recreated some of the most iconic images told in the true Bullit mood.

Ford wanted to communicate to both Euroman and Eurowoman readers. This meant that production from the start had to be adapted to both the male and female readers. The result ended up with two vastly different expressions tailored to the target audience.


Advertorials are just a powerful medium for communicating visual messages, which to a greater extent creates an emotional connection between the brand and the reader. In Ford's case, we thought two media and audiences into the photoshoot and produced content that could work in both Euroman and Eurowoman's universe.

​Readers who have been in contact with the advertorial on print = 315,000

The pictures are then posted on Euroman and Eurowoman's IG profiles and on Ford's channels.

Ford - Queen of Cool
Ford - Queen of Cool2