Material specifications

Digital and print


Materials specifications

Materials must be submitted to no later than 3 working days prior to campaign start. If the materials are delivered later, Egmont cannot guarantee that the campaign will start on the planned date. Egmont uses Google Ad Manager as ad server. The advertiser is responsible for banner materials, functionality and design. Banners which clash with the editorial content or cause technical problems for visitors will be removed from the page immediately. All banner materials must comply with the framework for the assigned banner space. This means no projecting images, layers or pop-ups that exceed the specified banner size. We reserve the right to return the banner if the computer’s CPU load is significantly increased in connection with loading the banner. Links must always open in a new window (target =”_blank”).

Banners must include the sender’s logo. If the banner includes audio, this must only play after 1 second mouseover delay or by clicking. Audio must always stop on mouse-out. If a banner links to a website with alcohol or of a sexual nature, the URL for this website must include a “warning box” with an age limit of 18. 

Industry standards and guidelines for digital production
Finished materials for display advertising must be delivered in accordance with the fixed guidelines and standards, cf. IAB guidelines: 

We reserve the right to delay or change the implementation of any campaign. In case of a delay, the advertiser is entitled to later delivery. The terms for later delivery shall be agreed separately with the advertiser, but as a rule of thumb, the advertiser must receive services to the same value as the originally agreed services.

If correct and functional materials are not supplied inside agreed materials deadlines, timely campaign implementation cannot be guaranteed. This also applies to ownerships, and hence the ownerships will be considered to have been dissolved if the materials are supplied late. No compensation will be available for lost exposure in case of late supply of materials. The specifications are updated on an ongoing basis. Please contact us via with any questions.

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All advertorials and advertisements which can be mistaken for editorial content must be clearly labelled with the word "ANNONCE". In this context, the term “clearly” means using capital letters and bold text of a sufficiently large font size.

On right-hand pages, the labelling must be located at the top right-hand corner, and on left-hand pages the labelling must be placed at the top left-hand corner of the advertisement.

Double pages must be marked with the word ANNONCE on both the right-hand and the left-hand page.

Story House Egmont A/S reserves the right to add the word ANNONCE to advertisements that can be mistaken for editorial content. If the ANNONCE labelling is not clear on an advertisement, Story House Egmont A/S reserves the right to change the font.


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Submission of advertisements

Advertisements that are to be printed in Egmont’s magazines must be submitted in PDF format and delivered to us through our advert portal, Simple AD:

Key requirements for ads:

  • The advert must be made in PDF version 1.4.
  • Image resolution must be at least 300 dpi in print size.
  • If the advert contains spot colours or Pantone, they will be automatically converted to CMYK.
  • Black text smaller than 24 pt font must be pure black.
  • If the advert contains a QR code, this must be made in pure black.
  • Layers in the PDF document are not permitted.
  • All types must be included.
  • Conversion from RGB to CMYK must be done using ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc.
  • The advert must be delivered with corner markings and 5 mm crop markings.
  • All text as well as elements important to the image must be positioned at least 10 mm inside of the cropped format.

Practical information about advertising in Egmont Publishing’s magazines and weeklies.

Practical Information about Submitting Advertisements
Advertisements, to be printed in Egmont's magazines, must be in PDF format and delivered to us through our advertising portal, Simple AD: 

The most important requirements for advertisements are as following: The advertisement must be a PDF version 1.4. 

The image resolution must be at least 300 dpi in print size. If the advertisement contains spot colors or Pantone, it will automatically be converted to CMYK. 

Black text smaller than 24 pt must be pure black. If the advertisement contains a QR code, it must be made in pure black. There must not be any layers in the PDF document. All fonts must be included. Conversion from RGB to CMYK must be done with ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc. The advertisement must be submitted with crop marks and 5 mm bleed. All text and important image elements must be placed min. 10 mm within the cropped area.